Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Day 16: Cooking and Baking and Schooling, O My!

One thing I have to admit about doing Trim Healthy Mama:  Preparation does take a lot of work!  I try so hard to "work ahead", but it always catches right back up to me.  However, I did get a lot accomplished in the kitchen today.  I tried a bunch of recipes I've been trying to get to and found more to add to my menu.  I've probably tested more than I am writing down, but these are what I remember having.  I'm hoping that the snacks I have made will come in handy in the car or for a quick grab at breakfast.  Can't say the taste of them have been my favorite, but they will do to provide when I otherwise would not eat anything.  I tried to do more Es because I find it hard to eat carbs and be satisfied.  I'm hoping quick snacks will help with that.

Apple Quinoa Muffin

Cooked up several pounds of sausage for the kids to have for quick breakfast.
Some of Treasures getting ready to put away

Chicken Crust Pizza

2 Fried Egg

Chicken Salad with low carb tortilla

2 squares of Dark chocolate

Chicken Crust Pizza pg 279

Low Carb Zucchini Brownie

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