Thursday, February 11, 2016

Day 11: Turning Over a New Leaf With New Foods

I was unable to make it to church this morning because my sweet grand baby was sick.  He spends Saturday night at our house and he was up coughing and crying every two hours:(  Needless to say, there wasn't a whole lot of progress going on in my THM kitchen.

However, once he went home, I was able to get out and shop for some missing ingredients that have stopped me from making some foods. I also had a chance to get to the Natural Grocer store to pick up some specialty items.  Surprisingly, I found more at the local HyVee grocery store tonight than I did at NG!  Something I have been looking everywhere for is "Maca Powder".  I found that and a "no sugar added" peanut butter that I have not been able to find since last year.  I also found "aminos" that THM calls for.  I also found turmeric is pill form and powder form at Natural Grocer.

 The football players might have been making goals on the field, but I feel I am the one who SCORED!

Rolo right on over here little gold heaven.
And look what I didn't buy (as torturous as it was):

My weakness. My Kryptonite.

Because of my night being messed up, my day was a little messed up on diet also, but I stayed true to some sort of plan;)

Kinda missed again.  

Leftovers of Broccoli covered in Chicken Bacon Cream Sauce

Quest Bar Brownie (got these at HyVee also. Score!)

5 BBQ Spare Ribs
I snuck approximately 5 potato chips, but after all it is the Super Bowl.

3 squares of Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Cranberries

This is not how I would typically eat, but I pushed my way through.  I started getting hungry again, halfway through the Super Bowl, so I just went to bed.  And no, exercise did not happen.  Tomorrow I will be doing P90X.  I'm ready to make my body sore:)

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